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Keeping your information customers notified, current and up-to-date.

List your available manuals

Drive users to your manuals - keeping them current, avoiding accident and mistake!

Source content agnostic

TDV is a subscription and notification platform NOT a DMS/CMS or deployment tool - your content is safe in your hands and control!

Notify your users of updates and new information

Followers to your organisation or manuals are quickly informed of information availability and how to get it!

Manage who gets your update notifications

Users must request to follow your manual and/or organisation - worried they may be foe and not friend? Then block them from following your updates

FREE of charge to TDW Corporate Member companies

If you are a TDW Corporate Member company you can use TDV to manage your manuals and notification services to your information users

Lower those customer support requests

Having your users follow you on TDV means you will lower the support calls and requests for information into your support team!

Drive revenue from your technical information

Making users aware new content is available provides you the means to sell new information or information capability

Vendor and deployment software independent

TDV is not a deployment system - it notifies and drives users to your preferred software deployment tool of choice!

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Are your users up to date?

Make sure your customers are using the right information at the right time for your products!


Drive your users to your content

One of the biggest challenges in the aerospace and defence market is keeping users current and up to date with information. Creating and deploying the information is one thing, managing and notifying users that content is available is another. This is where TDV (Tech Data Vault) comes in!


Your users will love it

End-users of information frequently question if the information they are using is current and relevant to a product or practice. With TDV this goes away! Engineering Managers can now subscribe to manuals and get notified when an OEM or manufacturer releases a new or updated version of a manual. SIMPLE!

Some of the features of TDV

We know technical information - it's clear from our features!


Mobile friendly design

TDV is mobile friendly and works cross platform.


Manage your own subscribers

You are free to allow or deny subscribers to your notifications.


Save time and money

No more emailing and notifying users in the hope that they receive an update notification.


Your content is not held with us!

No need to worry about IPR, ITAR and the like! We do not hold or host your data - TDV is a notification platform not a deployment platform.


Do you have any questions? We’ve got answers

You do not keep our data?

No we do not! Your data is your corporate asset and intellectual property, we do not need to host it. TDV allows you to list your manuals and manage those who can be subscribed to it

So how do our users get our data?

Easy! TDV is about driving users to your content. You list your manual, the medium that is available in and either link directly to your own purchase system or have the user contact you from TDV.

Can we get a look at TDV?

You sure can - contact us for more details and we'll be happy to show you the process and how it works.

Can we host TDV on our own servers?

You can licence TDV from us for sure - but before you buy we like to give you some food for thought and you may decide that buying is not the best option!

We are a defence user - are we still safe to list our information?

Remember - we do not hold ANY source data - regardless of security classification, ITAR regulations, export controls, TDV ONLY lists the availability of information. It then points users where to get the information from.

Can we get trial access?

Contact us for more information.

Can we prevent those we don't want from seeing our available manuals?

Yes! TDV has a complete user and subscriber management component - users can request to subscribe to your manual, you are notified. Once you verify the subscription they will be notified when your manuals are available or up to date.

How much does TDV cost?

TDV is completely FREE of charge to TDW Corporate Member companies - contact us for more details.


Want to learn more about TDV and how it can help you manage your users and updates?

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